Poster presentation selected for the EASL Congress 2024, data on STAM mice in the field of Immune-oncology

We are pleased to announce that the latest pathology and pathogenesis data in the field of immuno-oncology on STAM™-HCC/IO⁺  mouse will be presented in a poster at the EASL Congress 2024 in Milan, Italy, June 5-8, 2024.


The STAM™-HCC/IO⁺  mouse is the first preclinical model in the field of immuno-oncology for the development of new liver cancer therapeutics, which was announced for launch in February of this year.

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At the EASL Congress 2024, based on newly published data, we will present that the STAM™-HCC/IO⁺  mouse is a model that enables the evaluation of drugs for the treatment of liver cancer, taking into account immune cells and the tumor microenvironment, in addition to molecularly targeted drugs.

Details of the presentation are as follows.


■ Abstract Title: Metabolic dysfunction associated steatohepatitis derived HCC model mouse for immune-oncology.

■ Abstract Number: 1859

■ Format: Poster

■ Presenting Author: Taishi Hashiguchi, PhD, Executive Vice President, SMC Laboratories, Inc.

■ Presentation Date and Time: Friday, June 7th 8:30-18:00 CET


For more information on the STAM™-HCC/IO⁺  mouse, we hope you will also visit our special website at the URL below.



Would you be interested in non-clinical efficacy evaluation with STAM™-HCC/IO⁺  mouse for liver cancer therapeutics?

We hope that those interested in this model will view this presentation, but we would be happy to arrange a web meeting to explain it in more detail!