Drug efficacy evaluation study for fibrotic diseases involving multiple organs

If the therapeutic drug you are developing targets a factor that is related to a multi-organ pathology, such as inflammation or fibrosis, our services for drug evaluation studies can help to bring out the maximal efficacy.


Today, we want to introduce a paper by Insilico Medicine, a company that focuses on fibrosis to develop drugs, and after conducting pre-clinical studies in mice at our company, submitted the results of their research to Nature Biotechnology.

Ren et al., Nat Biotechnol., 2024




This article identifies TRAF2- and NCK-interacting kinase (TNIK) as an anti-fibrotic target using AI and describes the results of pre-clinical and clinical trials in animal models of lung, skin and kidney fibrosis.


It has been observed that the same compound shows its therapeutic effect on fibrosis across multiple organs as described above.


In the past, some companies have evaluated the same compound across multiple organs, such as the liver, lungs, kidneys, intestines and skin, in the development of fibrosis-related therapeutics and have proceeded with the development for diseases that showed particularly promising results.


Since we have various models of fibrosis in various organs, we can conduct drug efficacy evaluation studies targeting various organs, as shown in this paper.


For example, we can propose a study design tailored to your test substance for the following issues

–  I need to decide for an organ for my anti-fibrosis drug indication

–  My test substance might be effective for liver disease, but the indication is unknown

–  I want to try out various models of inflammation and fibrosis to expand the range of indications


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