MOA demonstration #3 【GLP-1】|Evaluation of GLP-1 targeted MASH treatment efficacy using STAM™ mice

Today, we introduce the pre-clinical studies in MASH drug development targeting GLP-1.


Speaking of GLP-1, Wegovy® (semaglutide), approved by the FDA for the treatment of obesity, is a GLP-1 receptor agonist. GLP-1 receptor agonists such as semaglutide were initially developed for the treatment of diabetes, but drug discovery research has been conducted to expand their indications to obesity and MASH (NASH).


In GLP-1-targeted MASH drug discovery research, the STAM™ mouse is a proven MASH model in which GLP-1-targeted drugs such as Liraglutide, Linagliptin, DA-1241 and APD668 have been evaluated.

By using STAM mouse, which have a track record of evaluating various drugs targeting GLP-1, it is possible to compare head-to-head with commercially available products such as Liraglutide, Linagliptin, and Sitagliptin, giving the developed product an advantage. It is possible to use this product to evaluate its potential as a therapeutic drug for MASH by comparing it with semaglutide.


Below is a list of publications for the MASH Drug Efficacy Evaluation Study on GLP-1 related MOAs for your reference.



List of Publications – Drug Efficacy Evaluation Study of GLP-1-related MOAs in STAM™ Mice (by target factor)


■GLP-1 receptor agonist

- 【Liraglutide】:Kojima M et al, Int J Mol Sci, 2020


■DPP-4 inhibitor

- 【Linagliptin】:Klein T et al, Med Mol Morphol, 2013

- 【Sitagliptin】:Kawaguchi T et al., Liver Cancer, 2018

- 【Sitagliptin】:Nishina S et al., Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol, 2018


■GRP119 agonist

- 【APD668】:Bahirat UA et al, Eur J Pharmacol, 2017

- 【DA-1241】:Lee SH et al, Biomed Pharmacother, 2023




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