Custom Model Service and its case study “CAIA-Rheumatoid Arthritis Model”

In recent years, we have received many requests about our services, starting from the establishment of pathological models, in response to the increasing diversity of diseases and the needs for therapeutic drug development.

Therefore, today we would like to introduce an example study regarding custom model services, for which we have received many inquiries.


■Customer case study: CAIA model handling for research on rheumatoid arthritis and fibrosis


〈 Research topic 〉 Conducting non-clinical studies to evaluate multiple indications


In addition to multiple fibrosis models, we would like to evaluate arthritis models. However, it is almost impossible to find a service contractor that can do that.
Furthermore, the target expression must be confirmed in this study, and afterwards, we would like to proceed to the drug efficacy evaluation study.


After consulting with several CROs, they contacted us because of our extensive experience in evaluating fibrosis models. Unfortunately, we did not have an arthritis model available at the time. So normally, we would have had no choice but to decline the request, however we are grateful for every collaboration and are always looking for new ways to aid researchers.


・SMC’s proposal
Our proposal was a step-by-step study in which the main testing is conducted after confirming the expression of the target and successfully establishing the pathological condition.

In addition, after conducting pathological evaluations based on clinical trials and papers to confirm the disease state, we evaluated targets and proposed appropriate pathological evaluation methods.

Furthermore, by agreeing to release data up to the point of the pathophysiology establishment study, we were able to conduct the study at a more affordable price than usual by conducting the study on a cost-sharing basis.


Regarding the arthritis model, we were able to confirm and evaluate the disease state. After confirming reproducibility, we were able to release it as a new model in our portfolio.



Due to our proven track record and technical capabilities, we have received many inquiries and have begun to conduct establishment tests of the model, and we are also considering further evaluation with a fibrotic model.


One of the reasons for their decision to outsource was the wide range of suggestions for analysis items provided and the pathological evaluation tailored to the compounds and their targets, with an eye towards clinical trials.


In this way, at SMC Laboratories, we are able to propose and implement custom model services tailored to the needs of our clients, which was initially thought to be difficult.


This time, we introduced an example of an arthritis model in which we were able to provide a study using the custom model service.


We do not limit ourselves to existing services, but work on our business with the belief that solving our clients’ problems will lead to contributing to the pharmaceutical industry.


If you have any issues or concerns regarding drug discovery research, please feel free to contact us. We will make the best proposal for you.