Drug Efficacy Study in the STAM™ Model Published in Gene

 SMC is proud to announce that TSUMURA & CO. (JPN) has published the results of their study using our STAM™ model in Gene.



Integrated analysis of effect of daisaikoto, a traditional Japanese medicine, on the metabolome and gut microbiome in a mouse model of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Ishizawa et al., Gene. 2022


In this study, Tsumura used the STAM™ model to test their product Daisaikoto.

Daisaikoto is a drug that is currently available on the Japanese market and has been reported to improve fatty liver by changing gut microbiota composition.


In this study, STAM™ mice were treated with Daisaikoto from the fatty liver phase to the early NASH phase. It was found that that the NAFLD activity score (NAS), the main endpoint for evaluating fatty liver, was significantly lower in the STAM™ mice that were treated with Daisaikoto compared to those which were not.

The diversity index of the gut microbiota and the ratio of the normal major constituent bacteria, which are lower in the untreated STAM™ mice compared to the normal mice, also showed an improvement in the STAM™ mice that were treated with Daisaikoto.


Tsumura’s study successfully demonstrated that improving the gut microbiome has the potential to be a useful treatment for both NAFLD and NASH.

If you have a probiotic or prebiotic that is able to improve the gut microbiome or a compound that has a positive effect on bowel diseases, why not try it out in this model?


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