Drug Efficacy Study in the STAM™ Model Published in Cells

SMC is proud to announce that Cellaïon (BEL) has published the results of their study using our STAM™ model in Cells.



Human Allogeneic Liver-Derived Progenitor Cells Significantly Improve NAFLD Activity Score and Fibrosis in Late-Stage NASH Animal Model

( Najimi et al., Cells. 2022 )


In this study, the authors reported that transplantation of human allogeneic liver-derived progenitor cells (HALPCs) to our STAM™ model significantly improved NAFLD Activity Score.
It has been reported that HALPCs display an advanced ability to differentiate into hepatocyte-like cells, as well as potent immunomodulatory and immunosuppressive properties (Najimi, et al. Cell Transplant. 2007; Khuu, et al. Cell Transplant. 2011).
In the STAM™ model, the effect of HALPCs on NAFLD Activity Score was associated with inflammation and hepatocyte ballooning. In addition, HALPC-treated STAM™ mice showed a mean decrease of 30% in pericentral hepatic fibrosis.


Cellaïon’s study successfully demonstrated that cell therapy has the potential to be useful in the treatment and prevention for both NAFLD and NASH. Also, our STAM™ mice can be used for non-clinical  study for cell therapy.


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