Announcement of webinar: THRβ agonist and preclinical pharmacology study using by STAM™ mice

Today, we are excited to invite you to join our webinar that will be taking place on June 20 from 9:30 AM (JST).

In this webinar, we will introduce the THRβ agonist and preclinical pharmacology study.

It has been several months since Resmetirom was approved by the FDA as the first MASH treatment. We will also present data on the efficacy of Resmetirom in STAM™ mice, a preclinical model of MASH, to help you develop strategies for future MASH drug development. That is why we highly recommend that you join our free webinar!


Webinar Link ►►►  https://www.linkedin.com/events/thr-agonistandpreclinicalpharma7204242895531393027/about/


【 Webinar Outline 】

Title: THRβ agonist and preclinical pharmacology study


Date and time: June 20 (Thu), 9:30 – 10:00 (JST)


Attend this webinar to:

●Clinical trials of Resmetirom

●Preclinical pharmacology study of THR beta agonists
– Resmetirom
– VK2809
– TERN-501

●Pharmacology study of Resmetirom using STAM™ mouse

●Future development strategy for MASH drugs using STAM™ mouse


SMC Laboratories has been providing drug evaluation studies using MASH model mice for over 10 years.
Utilizing our proprietary MASH-liver cancer model, the STAM™ mouse, we have a track record of evaluating the efficacy of over 800 compounds for conditions such as steatosis, MASH, fibrosis, and liver cancer in non-clinical studies. We have experience in more than 15 MOA categories and have assessed over 270 target molecules.
One of the compounds we evaluated is Resmetirom, which was recently approved by the FDA as the first treatment for MASH.
Resmetirom is a THRβ agonist, and other THRβ agonists such as VK2809 and TERN-501 are undergoing Phase 2 trials, and thus THRβ agonists are attracting attention as targets for MASH treatments. In this webinar, we will focus on what preclinical pharmacology study have been conducted for THRβ agonists.