What is proteinuria’s role in evaluating the progression of CKD?

When discussing our mouse models for chronic kidney disease (CKD), we are often asked about proteinuria as a urinary marker of kidney damage. As an important marker used in clinical trials, it's also an important endpoint to look at in non-clinical research as well.


Proteinuria data

Proteinuria data in the Adriamycin model

The graph above shows the time-course data of albuminuria in our Adriamycin mouse model.
As you can see, on Day 28, when we typically conduct or histological analyses, there is a significant increase in the urine albumin/creatinine ratio.

About proteinuria
CKD is a chronic illness that causes reduced renal function and structural abnormalities. It can be assessed by renal damage markers and histological analyses.
One of the most commonly used biomarkers in clinical practice is proteinuria, which occurs when there are filtration abnormalities due to glomerular damages. The Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) guidelines recommend the use of the albumin/creatinine ratio in urine to measure proteinuria.
We believe the ability to conduct analyses used in real clinical trials is a factor that is very important when selecting a mouse model.

Since current treatments can only slow the progression of chronic kidney disease, there is a need to develop a treatment that can cure it.
Here at SMC, we offer in-vivo drug efficacy evaluation services for the development of new drugs.
Including the Adriamycin model mentioned above, we offer following 4 models.
Adriamycin model: used to asses glomerulus sclerosis
– Adenine model: used to asses kidney function
UUO model: used to asses renal fibrosis
– Folic acid model: used to assess the progression of acute kidney disease to chronic

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