SMC client receives award for presentation on study of NASH diagnosis at 40th annual meeting of JSLSM

Today, I would like to share with you some wonderful and exciting news! Recently, a client of ours from the National Defense Medical College, Dr. Yasuhiro Takihata, gave a presentation on NASH diagnostics at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Laser Medicine (JSLSM) and was awarded the Annual Meeting Award for his work.  


The title of his award winning presentation is “Optical Diagnosis of Fatty Liver Diseases”.

Yasuhiro Takihata (Department of Surgery, National Defense Medical College)

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In his presentation, Dr. Takihata explained how he successfully used optical measurement to accurately diagnose liver tissue taken from mice in our STAM™ model.


The STAM™ model is a NASH model in which mice first develop steatosis and then progress to NASH and liver fibrosis.


In this study optical measurements were taken at each phase of the disease progression and where then compared to histopathological analyses done at the same disease stage to see whether or not they were comparable. The result of this comparison was a high correlation between both data sets, demonstrating that the optical measurement techniques employed in this study can successfully be used to assess fat content, tissue oxygen saturation and, ultimately, diagnose NASH.


Just like in this study, tissue samples taken from STAM™ mice at each disease phase can be used to evaluate different diagnostic methods, as well as be used in drug efficacy studies.


If what you just read is of interest to you, why not try testing your own diagnostic technique or drug candidate in one of our models. We would be happy to use our years of experience to provide you with a study design that will help you to successfully further your project.


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