Positive control for UUO kidney fibrosis

We are excited to share with you an update about a newly established positive control – an ALK5 inhibitor – for our UUO-induced renal fibrosis model.


This ALK5 inhibitor has an inhibitory effect on the TGF-beta/ALK5 signaling pathway, which plays a central role in renal fibrosis.

Below is the result of fibrosis analysis from an ALK5 inhibitor study in our UUO model.


The ALK5 inhibitor shows a significant and reliable decrease of renal fibrosis in the UUO model.


The UUO model is a well-established model showing severe fibrosis in the kidney and quick disease onset, making it an attractive model for screening against renal fibrosis.

This model also induces pathological changes in the tubular interstitial area such as tubular expansion and atrophy. If you are developing drug candidates targeting fibrosis and kidney disease, we hope you will consider conducting a study utilizing our UUO model.