Merck's publication in Cell Reports Medicine

SMC announces that Merck & Co., Inc. (NJ) has published the results of a study using STAMTM mouse model in Cell Reports Medicine.


Title: “Molecular Profiling Reveals a Common Metabolic Signature of Tissue Fibrosis”


In this paper, they report the results of pharmacology study of MK-8722 (AMPK activator) and MK-4074 (ACC inhibitor) using STAMTM mouse model.

Both AMPK and ACC are attractive targets for NASH drugs. In fact, PXL770 (AMPK activator) and GS-0976 (ACC inhibitor) are actually conducting clinical trials targeting NASH patients.


If you have any interest in the evaluation of the AMPK activator and ACC inhibitor with STAMTM mouse model, please contact us.