We would like to introduce a study published by our client using our proprietary non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) model called STAMTM (Ikewaki et al., bioRxiv, 2021).


In this study, the authors evaluated how the single or combined consumption of two beta-glucans derived from the AFO-202 and N-163 strains of black yeast, Aureobasidium pullulans, affected the progression of NASH in the STAMTM model.

Further, it was found that the AFO-202 strain suppressed the development of fatty liver and hepatocyte ballooning, and the N-163 strain suppressed inflammation and fibrosis.
In addition, it was found that the combined intake of these two beta-glucans had the same effect as a single intake, indicating that the inclusion of just one of these beta-glucans to a regular diet could be an effective treatment for NASH.