Drug Efficacy Study in the STAM™ Model Published in Biomedicines.

SMC is proud to announce that MRM Health (BEL) has published the results of their study using our STAM™ model in Biomedicines.



A Nine-Strain Bacterial Consortium Improves Portal Hypertension and Insulin Signaling and Delays NAFLD Progression In Vivo

(Pinheiro et al., Biomedicines. 2022)


The above study tested the therapeutic effects of a defined bacterial consortium of nine gut commensal strains on NASH and fibrosis in our proprietary STAM™ model.

After oral administration of the consortium, the NAFLD Activity Score as well as the Sirius-red positive area (fibrosis) of the STAM™ mice showed a significant decrease compared to the vehicle group (Figure below; STAM™+VEH vs STAM™+CON).

The level of CK-18, which is a major NASH biomarker, was also decreased in the treatment group.

These results suggest that gut microbiome consortia have the potential to improve both NASH and fibrosis and can also delay disease progression.


Furthermore, this study successfully demonstrated that treatments improving the gut microbiome have the potential to be a useful therapeutic option for those suffering from NAFLD/NASH.

If you have a probiotic or prebiotic that is able to improve the gut microbiome or a compound that has a positive effect on bowel diseases, why not try it out in this model?


Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in running a study in our STAM™ model, or if you would just like to learn more about the services we offer here at SMC Laboratories.