MCD model


Methionine / Choline deficiency diet (MCD)

The MCD model is used as a classic NAFLD model for basic research and the evaluation of NAFLD. It is a model that accumulates fat in the liver by inhibiting the discharge of triglyceride from the liver. Following fatty liver, it also shows progression to fibrosis and inflammation. Our MCD model shows a phenotype that is different from clinical NAFLD conditions such as severe weight loss and no background of diabetes, however this model has been published in research papers and used in fibrosis evaluating efficacy studies. Utilizing our extensive expertise acquired by assessing the pathological tissues within various fibrosis studies, SMC is able to draw information from efficacy study samples to the fullest extent.


メチオニン・コリン欠乏食負荷(MCD) メチオニン・コリン欠乏食負荷(MCD)
Figure 1. MCD model, image of Sirius red stained liver.
Compared to normal mice, the MCD model shows fibrosis around the central vein.