DSS-induced colitis model


DSS Model

The dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) -induced colitis model is a standard model of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which is widely used to study the efficacy and mechanism of treatment candidates for the disease. Depending on the duration of DSS administration, both acute and chronic colitis can be induced. In the acute colitis model where DSS is administered for 5 days before takedown, it is possible to evaluate mainly inflammation. The chronic colitis model requires DSS administration for 5 days and then simply housing the mice for a following 14 days, which is largely for evaluating effects on fibrosis. Using our expertise in this area as a foundation, we can offer various study proposals based on the compound’s mechanism and the goal of clients research.


DSSモデル DSSモデル
Figure 1. HE staining of the intestine from the DSS model
Crypt and epithelial cell loss, and inflammatory cell infiltration are observed in the DSS model, compared to normal mice.